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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, You made it to my website!

I have been expecting You and I am so excited You are here!

How did I know you were coming? Because you and me are very much the same and like attracts like! And now that You are here, we can kick things off and finally get you on the track to achieving your dreams and everything you have always wanted.

Dreams are not fiction, but rather the blueprint to our life once we believe in them!

My ambitions are to help women to free themselves from the limiting beliefs imposed on them by society and which most have unfortunately come to make their own, to be financially and emotionally independent, to love themselves with every fibre and ounce of their body and to enable them to create the life in which they are free to be themselves and enjoy success and fulfilment in every aspect of their life!

So, if that sounds like your kind of thing, you are in the right place!

I feel so grateful for my life now!

- I work with the most awesome people - from my amazing clients to the mind-blowing fellow coaches and speakers, who uplift me with their stories and inspire me every single day
- I am married to the most amazing man, who encourages me to be myself, pursue my dreams and never give up
- I have 3 gorgeous children, who are my life and my universe and who drive me to be the best version of me at all times
- We own a very large and stunning Victorian house, which even comprises a beautiful showroom to display my husbands amazing woodworking skills
- Life Coaching pays more than any full time employment could ever pay me and I still have a very spacious schedule, which allows me plenty of time to be creative and productive, while fitting it around my family's life
- Meditation, yoga and mindfulness are part of my every day
... Life certainly wasn't always this way though ...

I always had big expectations, dreams and aspirations when I was younger, but everything changed when I was 17!

- My parents decided to move to a different country, which meant I had to move in with my boyfriend at the time and depend on him and his family and we married way too young! After 2 1/2 years I escaped the abusive marriage, leaving everything I owned behind, just to get the divorce through as quickly as possible.

- I found myself working 10 hours a day, only earning enough to pay the rent and having to use luncheon vouchers from work to pay for my entire groceries

- I remarried and had my two daughters. I was widowed after only 27 months of marriage and was left on my own with my 2 year old and 1 year old daughters, in a house I could no longer afford to pay the rent for.

- Relying on government benefits, as my daughters were still too young for me to go back to work, I managed to secure a little apartment which I moved into with them and tried to start a new life.

- I met my now husband, our son was born and we got married! I stayed at home to look after the house and the family while he financially supported us all.

- Several times we tried find a house to buy, but each time the bank refused us the mortgage.

- Once our son was old enough, I opened a specialist bakery shop, to financially support the family, but it ran a loss for two years in a row and I had to close it again, still purely relying on the money my husband earns.

I realised,

My entire adult life I had been financially and emotionally depending on others and I had had enough!

And I was no longer prepared to give anybody else, but myself control over where I was going in life any longer!
I was tired of living hand to mouth and feeling like I was letting my kids down!
I was tired of feeling like a failure! I was tired of not feeling like me anymore!
So I began to immerse myself in personal growth, trying to rediscover who I was, where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, but most importantly become financially and emotionally independent!
I signed up for any coaching I could afford, I joined all the groups and webinars available, I read any relevant book I could get my hands on and I followed all the advice on how to make money on the internet and how to conquer each social media platform!
Don't get me wrong, I learnt an awful lot along the way, but I also stumbled across a huge amount of scams and money making schemes and don't even get me started on the whole fake social media tricks of the trade thing, promising you miraculous growth etc. I hate fake and didn't want fake or tricks anymore! It was then that I realised the one and only true way to go forward was to be myself!
I hate fake and didn't want fake or tricks anymore!

It was then that I realised...

The way to success in life is simply to be yourself!

The way to success in life is simply to be yourself! Easy, right?!
I can tell you from my own personal experience, after almost 3 decades of being who everyone else around me and society told me I should be, it took a lot of hard work, ultimate dedication and yet more research, training and practice to shake off all the demons of the past!
It was all absolutely worth it, as you saw further up when I was telling you about what my life looks like now, but I didn't want it to be such hard for other women who decided they want to take control of their life, chase their dreams and become financially and emotionally independent!
The one and only true way to go forward was to be myself!
And this is where you come in!
I created this business to inspire and help women to create the life they are meant to be living!
What about your dreams, beliefs and aspirations?
Did your dreams change?
Did your beliefs in yourself change?
Or did your own life simply seem to run away with you in the wrong direction?
My guess is that you put your dreams on hold, for whatever reasons, first temporary, until they became distant memories of the person you used to be, only resurfacing silently and secretly in the most intimate corners of your mind and you wonder whether these memories are there to remind you that it's never to late or just to confirm they are unachievable dreams of a young, free and untarnished spirit, who hadn't experienced the "real world", yet.
Your head tells you to quit dreaming and just get real and get over yourself, but then why does your heart continue to cry out to you with glimpses of your dreams?
Why do you still have this incredibly strong longing for more in your life?
Why do you always feel like you aren't living the life you are meant to be living?
Why does it feel like there is more to life and you were meant for more?
I used to have all those thoughts and feelings and the same unfulfilled dreams.
Sure, I guess many people can possibly sympathise, but what makes you and me different to the majority of people with dreams and ambitions is that we take action and we are not prepared to give up on our dreams!
You and me know they are not just dreams, but rather the blueprint to life.
The universe knew there was a need for you in this world and chose you, because it knew you would have the strength, the inspiration, the vision and the determination to follow your heart, not just despite of, but rather in light of all the hardship, the heartache, the pain, the loss and the tragedies you have lived through and conquered each time!
That is why you and me are the same and why you found your way to my website! Like attracts like - it is a natural and unstoppable law!
Whether it’s through my free content, paid programs, live events or even just connecting on social media, I want you to know that I truly care and that I believe in you. My intention is that every person I meet leaves feeling clearer than they ever have about why they’re on this planet and what’s possible for them.
I am so excited you have found your way to my website!


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