Wholesome Baker Woman

Bake, Cook, Live, Love

Join me on the grateful journey through life as a married, homeschooling mum and baker, pursuing a wholesome lifestyle on a budget, whilst discovering inner peace xxx

Hi, my name is Simone, aka Wholesome Baker Woman. I am most likely no different to most of you. I love food, I love preparing food, I love my family, I love life, I try to live healthy and make the most of every moment. I am very passionate about providing my family with a healthy lifestyle and enabling my children to have the best possibly start in life, physically and mentally. So that sort of sums up a few of the things "that make me tick". Which sort of leads me onto the next biggie in my life, **ahem**, here it goes, "I don't eat gluten!!!" Since I found out in 2013 that gluten was adversely affecting my health I cut it out with no looking back. I felt quite frustrated at first as the gluten free selection of staple foods in the supermarkets was very limited, packed with sugar, salt and preservatives, worst of all for me some things were just not available at all or the flavour and texture was appalling! I had been cooking and baking from the age of 9, but I had to throw all of this experience over board and start from scratch again, as I soon learned gluten free cooking and most of all baking are a completely different thing entirely!! Some things took longer to figure out and master than others but bit by bit I regained my love and confidence in the kitchen I had had since childhood. Word spread around family and friends and soon I was frequently being asked to bake for them. And it was exactly these lovely friends and family who encouraged me to stop just baking as a favour and make a living out of it. I didn't know where to start. Cooking and baking for me has always been a passion and to suddenly try and channel all this into business mode was challenging, to say the least, but mainly extremely scary. My initial idea of starting a bakery business from home to "test the waters" without a huge financial commitment fell to bits in a matter of weeks, when I found out we would have to move house. I felt gutted, upset, demoralized and unsure what to do or where to go from there, literally! And yes, you have guessed right, this is where I discovered a passion that was completely new to me. I spotted a big, old, abandoned and neglected Victorian town house with commercial premises on the ground floor for sale. It was the obvious solution. A new home and a hub for my bakery, though this would include a lot of hard graft and dedication, never mind the costs. And before I knew it, the magic of this beautiful building, with all the little intricate details hidden around the house, which would allow you to just get small idea of how grand and stunning this house must have been when it was built in 1888, had completely captivated me and still does everyday. I truly enjoy researching and trying to find the fine balance between keeping things true to its Victorian origin, but also allowing the house to move along into the 21st century. In May 2015 I finally got to open the doors to my little bakery "The Busy Gluten Free Kitchen". It soon became very obvious that a lot of my customers were not just interested in gluten free food in the bakery but simply a gluten free, wholesome lifestyle. You will frequently find customers in my bakery exchanging tips, hints, recipes, venues and not just with me but among each other! So, in 2016 I decided to change the whole menu to wholesome food and change the name of the bakery to match and I became Wholesome Baker Woman. I am inspired by this journey every single day! And that is what this website is all about. Sharing experiences, tips, hints, recipes and the love for life to inspire, with the added bonus of it all being gluten free and wholesome! The food proved highly popular with a number of people who have many dietary restrictions and/or are very keen to eat healthily. Unfortunately the location of the bakery proved tricky and I just wasn't able to reach enough people. So, after many sleepless nights and lots of quiet tears of mine, I made the decision to follow my heart, make the very difficult decision to close the bakery and focus on trying to spread wholesome cooking and baking to all corners of the Isle of Man and beyond the shores of our little island, as requested by many people who either couldn't make it to the bakery regularly or never got to visit, because they live abroad. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to get to know you all xxx