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small plain loaf     3.00

large plain loaf     4.00

small plain seeded loaf     3.50

large plain seeded loaf     4.50

small dark loaf     3.50

large dark loaf     4.50

small dark seeded loaf 3.70

large dark seeded loaf     4.70

small Mediterranean loaf     3.90

large Mediterranean loaf     4.90

small honey seeded loaf*     3.70

(*refined sugar free)

large honey seeded loaf*     4.70

(*refined sugar free)

small cheddar and cider loaf     3.90 (contains dairy)

large cheddar and cider loaf     4.90 (contains dairy)

small garlic and oregano loaf    3.90

large garlic and oregano loaf    4.90

small cranberry and walnut loaf    4.90 (contains nuts)

large cranberry and walnut loaf    6.50 (contains nuts)

fruit and nut loaf *    6.00 (contains nuts, peanuts)

(*grain free, yeast free and refined sugar free)

plain     0.70
seeded     0.80
dark     0.80
dark seeded     0.90

Hot and Savoury Food
rustic sausage rolls     2.10
garlic bread     1.70
honey bacon rings     1.50
pizza salami     2.50 (contains dairy)

Cakes and Sweet Treats
!!All cakes and treats are refined sugar free!!

Gluten-Free and made without Dairy or Egg!
triple chocolate torte slice 2.90 (contains nuts, peanuts)
chocolate marzipan torte slice  2.90  (contains nuts, peanuts)
chocolate orange cake    2.90 (contains nuts, peanuts)
pumpkin pie cake slice     2.90 (contains nuts, peanuts)
coffee and hazelnut torte slice    2.90 (contains nuts, peanuts)
                                                                                    blueberry bakewell cake slice    2.90 (contains                                                                                     nuts, peanuts)
                                                                                    lemon and blueberry cake     2.90 (contains                                                                                         nuts, peanuts)
                                                                                    ginger cake     1.20
                                                                                    fruit bun     1.20 (contains nuts, peanuts)                                                                                            *grain free

Plain     1.20 (contains dairy)
Fruit     1.30 (contains dairy)
Chocolate Cream Scone 2.50 (contains dairy)
Tray Bakes and Biscuits
Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Shortbread     0.80 (contains dairy)
chocolate brownie     1.90 (contains nuts, peanuts)

chocolate drizzle    2.30 (contains nuts, peanuts)
chocolate orange     2.30 (contains nuts, peanuts)
lemon coconut    2.30 (contains nuts)
almond    2.30 (contains nuts, peanuts)

Seasonal Treats
(seasonal treats may contain small amounts of refined sugar due to candied peel, etc., please ask, as many of these treats can be made to suit individual dietary needs!)

The Famous Christmas Cake     35.00
**book your slot early to avoid disappointment**

Mince Pie Slice     1.80

Stollen Muffin     2.30

Simnel Cake     35.00

Hot Crossed Bun     1.00

Celebration and Full Sized Cakes
Available in all the above flavours, please contact for size and prices!

All prices are quoted in Pound Sterling. Orders welcome. Please ask in case of any queries about ingredients.