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Due to my autoimmune problems I was diagnosed with over 15 years ago, I can't eat gluten or soya and a few other things which I try to avoid, because I feel better if I do. I got very frustrated, when I went gluten free and was supposed to live on bread etc. the supermarkets were offering as "a suitable substitute". The gluten free options were packed with soya, sugar, salt and other preservatives and substances I had never even heard about before! I couldn't pronounce half of them, so there was no way any of that was going to make its way into my body or anywhere near my family. So I started experimenting with gluten free ingredients, at first rather unsuccessfully! The first loaf of bread I ever made, went straight in the bin after I took the smallest bite. I felt slightly disappointed, I will admit, but I wasn't going to throw the towel in that easily. I tried and tried, played around with various ideas and eventually conquered the gluten free bread! I was thrilled, to say the least! I felt so inspired by it, I continued experimenting with cakes and savouries, too. I was frequently sharing this food with extended family and friends, as there was only so much my own family and me could eat and I obviously didn't want anything to go to waste. After a while everybody was asking me, why I was doing this for fun and why I wasn't turning this into a job. I laughed out loud the very first time somebody said this to me! The more people said this to me, the more I started thinking about the idea and eventually I gave in. I will jump forward a bit, to spare you the boring details, but in May 2015 I opened the door of my gluten free bakery to the public. I was so pleased to be able to offer fresh gluten free food, not the shrink wrapped stuff full of preservatives etc. and for about 8 months I continued to do just that. I was happy providing a much needed service and as healthy as it was, compared to most of the gluten free alternatives offered in shops and supermarkets, it didn't really reflect what I would feed my family on a daily basis or what I would want anybody else to eat everyday. The cakes still contained a lot of refined sugar and vegetable oils etc., which I would have only considered as a very occasional treat, nothing regular. So, there I was having to make a decision between continuing as before, so as not to upset any existing customers or to follow my conscience, change almost the entire menu and offer exactly the same food, I would have no hesitation giving my family, but risk alienating some of my customers and in turn potentially losing trade. In some ways it was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but on the other hand, it was easy after all, as I always knew I had to follow my conscience. Needless to say I did change the menu and experienced the best time I had running the bakery, until its doors closed in December 2017. Don't get me wrong, I am not a nutritionist, nor am I a dietician or any other kind of health professional and I do use refined sugar in some of my baking, but only as a very small part of a well balanced and varied diet. Even though I don't run the bakery anymore, I continue to bake all the bread my family eats and cakes and biscuits of course, too. All our meals are also made from scratch, with real ingredients, which enables us to eat as healthily as possible and therefore live as wholesome as possible! I have a lot of passion for baking and cooking real food and therefore continue to share my food with as many people as possible, even if it is only in form of recipes these days, instead of from behind the counter of my shop.