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Are you tired of living a life that isn't yours?
What if I told you that you can be financially and emotionally independent and create the life of your dreams?

What if I told you that you can turn whatever it is that makes you feel alive into a business that doesn't just give you the FREEDOM of time, but pays for your lifestyle, too?

What if I told you that success is already a basic configuration in your life, you just haven't realised how to access it?

What if I told you there is literally no need for limitations in your life, from how much money you can earn to what kind of legacy you want to leave behind?
All this is not just possible, but inevitable once you know how!
How do I know?
Because I did it!
All this is not just a dream once you change your mindset and have the  guidance, mentoring and accountability to do it!
There is a reason why these thoughts, these dreams and yearnings have always been with you and deep down inside you know why! Because you are meant for more in life!
The only thing holding you back are your own limiting thoughts and beliefs, which society or even friends and family have imposed on you and not knowing "How?" you are supposed to do this.
-And trust me, I totally get it, this self limiting fear is strong! It is exactly that self limiting fear which 
will be talking away in the back of your head right now, asking how much all this is going to cost and how
this is all just empty sales talk etc. etc.-
Unfortunately this is what society teaches most of us today! We are lead to believe that most of us are destined for a mediocre life of working 9 to 5 just to get by and anybody displaying their wealth by having a flash car or a big house is seen as distastefully greedy and a show off!
Like it or not, believe or leave it, but it is through the envy, jealousy and resentment of people who refuse to take control of their own success, how we now frequently use expressions like "Filthy Rich", "Stinking Rich" or "On Easy Street" to refer to anybody with wealth.
Success, wealth and freedom is often seen as something only the "privileged few" have, the ones who were born rich or who were given a break by someone.
The truth is, I hate to break it to you, that is a load of RUBBISH!
The only thing keeping you from being successful and independent in life IS YOU!!!
And it is at this point where we separate the dreamers from the doers!
If any of what I said above insults or offends you, then you and me are not cut from the same cloth after all and it is probably best to bid you farewell right now and wish you all the happiness possible as you continue to dream and imagine what life could have been like for you.
If however you are still on board and you don't just know you were meant for more, but are willing to take responsibility and take action to fulfil those dreams, then let me tell you now:
Nothing will be able to stop you!
I hear you, you are wondering how it is possible? Maybe you have tried before by starting a business and it failed, maybe you are running a business right now and things are not looking good or maybe you have no idea at all what you want to do or what it is you should be doing, maybe you believe that your "passion in life" could never make you any money etc. Whatever your situation might be, you KNOW you were meant for more in life, but you just don't know how!!!
I know what it feels like, I have been there and that is why I created this program, because I believe in you and I know you will succeed with the right guidance!

Ok, are you still on board?

Cool, let's talk about what this program will do for you and more importantly what it won't!

The reason I am saying this, is because my program is distinctively different from most which are offered on the internet!

This program is NOT just aimed at ONE part of your life! So, if you are simply interested in learning a few strategies to increase your income, become a millionaire over night or marry the guy you have been admiring for months and which will not buy you happiness and you will effectively end up exactly in the same spot again a few months down the line, because you have only made superficial changes to your life, then this program is not for you!


If you understand and embrace that the creation of success in life comes as a complete package, which does not differentiate between financial wealth or emotional wealth and once achieved sweeps across every aspect of your life to become an effortless continuation, then this program is for you!


This program will NOT "blind you" by telling you what others have achieved by implementing X, Y and Z and following a rigid step by step plan, promising you to replicate another persons story!


If you are looking for clarity and answers only you can find, which are based on your very individual circumstances, whether that means finding out what you truly want to do which will bring you success or whether you already have an idea or even an existing business which you want to take not just to the next level, but way beyond, then this program is for you!


This program will NOT focus on sales or marketing funnels, nor will it promise you magical overnight results by draining all your resources and energy by trying to master all social media platforms available.


If you would much rather pour all your energy and resources into learning how to be successful withouth having to rely on the latest app or social media, wasting endless hours on the net, chasing after leads and use your precious time to do the things you love and you are good at, then this program is for you!


This program will NOT deliver you several textbooks to read and recite, nor will it give you workbooks to download and fill in! If you are expecting instant gratification for your financial investment and immediate radical transformation, this program is not for you.


If you are interested in a very personal and individual approach, based on and adapted to how you thrive and if you understand and embrace that changes can be made immediately, but will take practice and perfection to achieve true and effortless lasting results, then this course is for you!


This program is NOT just a mental exercise! If you expect to simply study your way to success, then this program is not for you!


If you understand and embrace that your journey to lasting success involves your mind, your body, your heart and your soul and you are willing to involve and immerse your whole being into to becoming who you want to be, then this program is for you!
"The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what
                                           you do!"

                                        Bill Phillips
-I can understand your doubts and hesitation about signing up, after all, it is a huge commitment and a lot of money! I too tried to make my way to success on all the free webinars, free courses and free information available and it got me close!!! But it wasn't until I admitted to myself that I needed guidance and gave myself the permission to invest money in my dreams I always knew were mine to realise, that I managed to make that next big step forward! I realised, that if I didn't believe in myself enough to invest the money in the future I always dreamed of, nobody would and I would be no different to everybody else, who told me I was just a dreamer and I should get a "real job"! And that thought scared me! I did not want the "real job", I did not want the 9 to 5 rat race, I did not want to be mediocre, I did not want restrictions, dependance and constant worry. And it was right there and then, without thinking about it or even discussing it with my husband, that I decided to cough up the money for my coaching! Even as I was making the online transaction, my hands were shaking and the usual doubts kept trying to flood my mind, telling me I should rather invest the money in the family and not in myself! But I followed through, with trembling hands and my heart beating in my throat, I hit the confirm button and immediately my body filled with the pain of regret, as the voices continued trying to tell me how I had probably wasted this huge amount of money now, which we might be missing to pay some bills and how I had probably let my kids and my husband down. The next 24 hours until my first coaching session seemed like an eternity and my stomach continued to twist itself into knots every time I thought about all the money I had paid for MYSELF! I sat down for my first coaching session, not knowing what to expect, still nervous, still doubting, still filled with fear, but within minutes all those feelings blew away! As soon as we started, I knew I had done the right thing and I became very emotional as I realised this was going to change my future and the future of my family and it would enable us to have the life I had always dreamed of for my family and me, the life I always knew I was meant to live!-
Why hire me?
Your heart already knows whether or not to hire me, so you need to listen to it to find the answer to that question! If you are looking for a mentor, a guide, a confidant who cares that much about your dreams not to sugar coat anything just to get you to sign up, then I am your lady!
What does this program look like?
The program runs over 6 months and inlcludes 24 Skype 1-on-1 mentoring sessions. Each Skype session is 90 minutes in length.
Unlimited E-mail support throughout the 6 months.
Access to the exclusive Facebook support group.
Weekly Live Question & Answer session in the Facebook support group.
During the program we will get you clarity on what it is exactly you want to do in life and how to create success with it to achieve financial and emotional freedom.

We will create a specific and personalised plan of action for you and only you!


Personal areas of your action plan to create a solid foundation for success in every aspect of your life CAN but don't have to include:
Clarity on what your true desires are in life
Determining the secret motivation which already lies within you to drive you forward, even on the days when you feel like giving up
Unearthing your true self-confidence and self-esteem to attract the right things
Clearing self doubt or any other distructive self beliefs
Creating everyday routines and habits which make success inevitable
Creating a lifestyle that let's you be yourself while ensuring you stay productive and creative
Clearing any blocks that might be holding you back from success
Creating a personal life that is in balance with your professional life
to name a few!
Professional areas of your action plan to create and grow your business CAN but don't have to include:
Branding that makes competition work in your favour
Creating your signature message and offering or service
Clarity on what to charge
Creating routines that reflect and support your business and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed
Discover your powerful and unique gift and message
Get clarity on your ideal client or customer
Creating a professional life that is in balance with your personal life
and much more!
Your investment:
6 months of coaching to create the life of your dreams and make your blueprint reality!


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My commitment to helping you succeed and live the powerful, financially and emotionally independent life you have always dreamed of is so big, that I only ever work with a limited number of clients at any given time, to ensure I can invest as much in you as I expect you to do yourself!
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